Point Ideal Cottage
Lake of Bays
This summer cottage has been available for rent since 2009. It is normally fully booked for summer weeks by May and often with returning renters. Renter suggestions are taken very seriously and wherever possible have been made to the cottage. If you have previously rented the cottage and suggested some improvements you may be surprised to hear how many of them have been adopted.

What's changed? Here are just a few of the many upgrades made over the last few years - most of them in response to guest's suggestions. You can click on the bold section for a possible picture of the upgrade.

FIREPIT A new fire pit is available on the front stone patio.
WATER A UV (Ultraviolet) water filter has been installed so that all water is now completely drinkable. Even from the garden taps.
HARDWOOD FLOORS Carpeting has all been removed and most of the floors have been refinished back to their original splendor. The Muskoka Room floor has been painted in an eloguent deep red, while the back entrance has been upgraded to an indestructible engineered hardwood laminate floor.
QUEEN BED The Main cottage guest room has been upgraded to include a new queen bed. The cottage now accomodates four couples. The main cottage guest room still includes an additional single bed.
KITCHEN BEDROOM The bedroom off the main cottage kitchen has been re-decorated to make it more comfortable.
NEW MATRESSES All single beds now include a premium mattress.
DISHWASHER The dishwasher has been replaced in the main cottage kitchen.
WASHING MACHINE The main cottage washing machine has been replaced.
COFFEE MAKER A second coffee maker has been added to the main cottage. A small coffee maker was added to the small cabin.
EXTENDED SEASON The cottage is now available to rent from mid April to mid November.
FIREWOOD There is now enough firewood on hand for five typical seasons. To both ensure that it is both fully dried and will not be depleted before the fall.
SATELITE TV TVs have all been replaced with large flat screens including the small cabin which now includes a HD receiver. A sound bar has been added to the main cottage and is connected to the satelitte receiver. The entire service has been upgraded to Shaw Direct HD and now includes the movie channel package.
MOUSE The open mouse traps have all been replaced with enclosed traps and baited outdoor traps have been added.
DRAINS The main cottage kitchen drains have all been replaced to eliminate any odours.
ROOF The main cottage and small cabin roofs have been replaced.

DECK The small cabin deck has been replaced and table and chairs have been added.
The next major improvements are planned for the dock area and the heating system.