Point Ideal Cottage
Lake of Bays
Who should rent this cottage?
The cottage was originally built and designed to accomodate a three generation family during their July and/or August summer vacation. This continues to be the most popular and best use of the cottage. Typically the eldest couple, who often pay for the rental, stay in the main cottage. Plus there are two guest bedrooms in the main cottage for guests, children or grandchildren. The next generation can stay in the small and large cabins. The large cabin includes a full living room and kitchen. This allows smaller groups to watch television or simply get together without bothering the whole family.
Other successful groups have been multiple couples with small children. The cottage is ideally sized for 12-14 people but could accomodate 10 adults and 10 children.

When is it available?
The cottage is available for seven months starting mid April to mid November each year. It is rented by the week, weekend or for a minimum of three days in the middle of the week during April, May, June, September and early October. To see which dates are still available please use the official schedule or send an email with an availability request.

How to book your rental?
Point Ideal Cottage rentals are booked with Water's Edge whose site includes a property tour video.

Which holiday weekends are available? The two holiday weekends that are available are Victoria Day and Thanksgiving. The July long weekend is part of the first summer week, and includes Friday arrival. The Labour Day holiday weekend is part of the last summer week and includes Monday departure.

Which are the summer weeks?
For July and August rental is only by the week or weeks. Arrival is after 3 pm on Saturday and departure is prior to 11 am the following Saturday.

What about renting weekends in April, May, June, September, October and November?
Often some of the best weather shows up on weekends before July and after August. Weekend rental can be terrific for cottaging and enjoying the dock and beach but this is a family cottage and is not appropriate for renters looking only for accomodation. Weekend arrival is after 12 pm on Friday and departure is prior to 4pm on Sunday. Additional days such as Thursday or Monday are also normally available.